Dating a dork

But the beginning stages of a relationship is out of the question.Kinda my way of saying I like you even though you did somthing totally stuiped or nerdy.YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction Come to the Dork Side ... This is a sample of my newest book, DATING ON THE DORK SIDE, written with my co-author and word bestie, Charity Tahmaseb.Because of the way we are publishing it, we can only share a few pages but if you li...

But he was not only good at math, he was a techno-genius. So, what we had here was a living, breathing girl encyclopedia? The main page contained instructions for the computer illiterate and a general chat board, with messages like: bro, Call of Duty throwdown tonite at teh abs Yeah, it wasn't exactly a brain trust.I clicked the mouse and the presentation lit up the screen just as one of the cheerleaders hit the lights. How many of you seriously considered paying for a date? "But I am not paying because of some turd seed and his i Phone." "Wait--" Clarissa's voice wavered, its usual strength and bitchiness masked by fear. " "I guess not." Elle tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as if to calm herself. Elle, now standing to one side, fired up a laser pointer. " In the dark, I sensed a few involuntary arm jerks. I got more than this fabulous tan in Greece this summer." Here's the thing about Elle Emerson: She was the kind of girl who could say a thing like that and you still couldn't hate her. Author Note #1: This is an excerpt from a little later in the story.Elle sat on the desk so the skirt of her cheerleader uniform fanned out around her.With a click and the fizz of static, I turned on the computer.

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