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But the beginning stages of a relationship is out of the question.Kinda my way of saying I like you even though you did somthing totally stuiped or nerdy.I know they were joking but were they being cute by saying it?Is it something that all women do when they're interested in a guy?I mean, really—jock tutoring room first day of school? It was like he'd brought a negative integer into the equation. I squeezed my eyes half shut, finger over the mouse to close everything ... When nothing raunchy happened, I opened my eyes all the way, feeling a bit of pride swell in my chest. The sidebar contained a list of pages: recently updated, most-accessed, hottest of the hot.At least, that was what my friend Rhino, the math genius, might say. Did I really want to get an eyeful of cheerleader types modeling their Spankies, or whatever skeevy fantasy tripped that boy's trigger? What if I got caught looking at something that could get us both in trouble? Every single page was labeled with a girl's name.She crossed one leg over the other and planted her palms on the surface behind her.

Matching Jason's earlier panic, I minimized the browser and brought up Excel. It took every ounce of willpower not to look at the wiki, not to click the Camy Cavanaugh page, not to see what someone had written about me. We'd known each other for a few years before we tried writing a book together.But I had what I wanted now: a blissfully empty room. I started in middle school as a homework buddy for the little kids at Olympia Elementary three days a week. Then, the year my parents' marriage got rocky, it felt almost like compensation for the little brother or sister I'd probably never have. My body still remembered how it felt to reach for the ball, to grasp it and tuck it in tight, to run with it down the field.When my group kept acing all their spelling tests, the guidance counselor suggested peer tutoring as the next logical step. I focused my gaze on quarterback Gavin Madison warming up his arm. But my football career had ended in eighth grade at the bottom of a pile-up.The footsteps got closer, a clipped stab against the linoleum. Author Note: Just a reminder that this is only a sneak peek at the latest book I wrote with my co-author, Charity Tahmaseb. _encoding=UTF8&qid=1448932740&sr=1-2 Have you ever written with a co-author before? When that first book came out (The Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading) we had a party to celebrate its release into the world.That was only the second time Charity and I have met in person. I clicked the mouse and the presentation lit up the screen just as one of the cheerleaders hit the lights. How many of you seriously considered paying for a date? "But I am not paying because of some turd seed and his i Phone." "Wait--" Clarissa's voice wavered, its usual strength and bitchiness masked by fear. " "I guess not." Elle tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as if to calm herself.

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