Dating a genderqueer person


Non-binary genders, however, don't fit neatly within these two—they can be a combination of male and female, a fluid back-and-forth, or totally outside of the binary.

Cisgender people, on the other hand, are folks whose identities align with the gender they were assigned at birth.

Your sex relates to your biology, both physiological and anatomical, which often influences how you're treated in society (example: the enforcing of gender roles), but it is the same as gender.

""Exactly.""But you wear makeup.""Yeah.""But you're not a woman.""Nah.""...

Huh."I have had this exact conversation at least once a week, every week, since coming out publicly in November.

Is it ever okay to ask non-binary people about "which parts" they have?

Just gonna go with a hard "no" on this one, though it's shocking how many people think it's okay to ask someone about what's going on in their pants.

It would be weird if someone at a party spontaneously asked you about your junk, right?

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