Dating a virgin waiting for marriage intimidating eye contact


The Theology of the Body inspires men and women alike, breathing new life and beauty into our wounded notions of sexuality.

Once you’ve heard and understood this message, it is hard to go against the dignity of who you are by transgressing the gift of your chastity, whatever your state in life may an absolutely invaluable resource!

A lingering hug or a kiss is like a spark which wants to be fanned into a flame. They decide they will not kiss (again) until marriage.

The more a couple expresses their love for each other in these “little” and “harmless” ways, the more they are stirring their passions. While that choice is not for everyone – for those who do choose it, they find themselves incredibly blessed! Again, the goal is to not stir your hearts to desiring something for yourselves now that is not yours to have!

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Instead, I think you need to consider limitations to your expressions of affection now. They feel that it is alright to dwell on thoughts of being together because of the nature of their committed relationship. As a married couple, sexual fantasy that centres itself on your married love with your spouse (free of any thoughts of sexual sin) can be appropriate – but the danger of indulging in this type of sexual fantasy is that it can lead one to view his or her spouse as an object for selfish pleasure! Aside from the practical aspects of not stirring passions that will ultimately frustrate your decision to remain chaste, you are avoiding the sin of lustful desire. Indulging in those thoughts and allowing them to entertain you for pleasure is a sin!

Everything I will suggest to you here, in terms of guidelines for you and your fiancé, you will see lived out in the lives of the two main characters of my book.

As you identify with their struggle, I’m sure you will find the ability in yourself to live out chastity in your own relationship.

Every couple preparing for marriage should read it!

And as you mentioned in your email, chastity does not end with marriage – this resource will help to guide you through chaste love in marriage as well. It is a novel: the fictional account of a young couple striving to live out chastity in a courtship relationship.

And whatdoes for so many people is to help them see the reward that comes with living out a chaste courtship and engagement.

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