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In the past, a group known as the Ravenspeakers followed Ka'alu the Raven Mother, leader of all dread ravens and Anzu's consort.The Dark Conclave worship the Summoned Old God, who is also worshiped by the Sethekk and their leader Talon King Ikiss (who thinks himself Terokk reborn).Their capital is the hidden city of Skettis, located in the southeastern corner of Terokkar Forest.They have established various colonies across Terokkar Forest, known as veils: Veil Shienor and Veil Reskk in the north of Terokkar near the border with Hellfire Peninsula, and several along the Bone Wastes - Veil Skith, where the Darkstone of Terokk is located, Veil Rhaze, destroyed by the Auchindoun disaster, Veil Lithic, where the arakkoa corrupt avians into Terokk's service, and Veil Shalas, their greatest colony at the base of Skettis itself, where Terokk's sages wage war against the Light.When Draenor shattered and became Outland, the Adherents vanished with the Spires of Arak.All that remained were the cursed Arakkoa Outcasts, who took on the name Skettis after their city and moved into the Terokkar Forest.Hoping to rejuvenate their king, the Talonpriests sealed Terokk away in a realm of shadows.All that was left of Terokk were several artifacts he left behind, among them his spear, his mask and his writings.

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At Veil Shalas, the closest colony to Skettis, the arakkoa sages conduct wars against the Light.To aid in their battles, the Adherents searched for ancient Apexis technology, such as golems and turrets that fire beams of concentrated light to burn at Outcasts towns.However, as the years went on Terokk's health declined, grief tore at his heart, and Sethe's curse chewed at his mind.The Sha'tari Skyguard, a group of Sha'tari flyers, have a base at Blackwind Landing, just outside of the Blackwind Valley where Skettis is located.On an island in the middle of Blackwind Lake, Terokk awaits the proper alignment of the stars to herald his return...At Veil Skith, the arakkoa use the Darkstone of Terokk as an altar of worship.

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