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Some of the traits I’ll describe in this article, therefore, fit for some people but not for others.There are differences between men and women and between those who exhibit traits of hyperactivity and impulsivity compared to the more inattentive, disorganized type of person.Such messages include: “If only you’d try harder.” This can be an especially destructive thing to say because trying harder doesn’t allow someone with ADHD to sit still any longer, to concentrate, or to complete tasks.Telling someone who is trying and still can’t do it to try harder can only lead her to think poorly of herself for her lack of success.Parents, teachers, coaches, and peers notice the ADD individual’s difficulty sitting still, following through, attending to what they are supposed to and they often comment on it.After being criticized over and over for traits he has no control over, this often undiagnosed child starts to feel bad about not measuring up to other’s standards. For the most part, he’d like to please the adults around him but he can’t figure out how.

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As an adult, these feelings of shame often continue.A child with ADHD doesn’t know why she can’t do it and often begins to see herself as inadequate when continuously confronted with her shortcomings.She is told time and again, “Sit still”, “Wait your turn”, “Don’t call out”, “Look at your mess!An adult with ADD walks into a relationship carrying a great deal of emotional baggage.This is especially true if he or she was not diagnosed until adulthood.Most of my adult clients tell me they’ve spent their lives feeling ashamed because they were unable to complete the tasks asked of them, couldn’t concentrate even when they wanted to, or just stood out as being the class space cadet.

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