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(FYI, America is the only country that taxes its citizens even if they aren’t living or working in the U. Well, have no fear, THE IRISH GOVERNMENT WILL RETURN ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS. Surprisingly, my aunt told me she had my grandmother’s birth certificate and mailed it to me upon request.

The certificate was so old I thought the paper would disintegrate if I unfolded it.

Get your parent’s marriage certificate from any church in the United States here for the not-so-affordable price of 0 USD. Fill out the Application After you get all your paperwork in order (and only after), fill out the application online. Once you’re finished, your application will be submitted to the Irish government immediately. Have a Witness Handy When You Sign Your Paperwork So basically, you’ll need a legal witness to 1. Oh, and you’re not mailing it to the embassy in the USA. You’re mailing it straight to Ireland (address included in application). Wait (but not that long) I mailed all of my documents in January 2015 and expected not to hear anything for six months minimum.

In the meantime, they’ll give you a PDF version that you must print out and sign. I used hella expensive shipping to get my documents across the Atlantic, which cost me a good -50 bucks. I heard various stories online, but it seemed like six months was the norm for most applicants.

So being able to talk to Tom and ask him in-depth questions about my application made me feel very safe and confident about my application. When I told fellow Americans that I became Irish, instead of congratulate me with a pint of Guinness they merely cocked their head and asked with alarm: Why not, I say.

I was truly astonished at how efficient, polite and kind the Irish government was in handling my citizenship. Sure, it was kind of expensive (with all of the document request fees included, the total cost added up to about 500 bucks), but I still think it was totally worth it. It’s hard to say–but it’s nice to have the option, no? My grandmother was so Irish, she kept her Irish accent all the way to her deathbed. As I went to all these crazy Irish government websites, I saw that they had not only an English option–but an Irish option.

Otherwise, we just have dozens of contradictory opinions.

Click to Marriage: When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal, and exhausting condition continuously until death do them part.

It was very eerie to have my grandmother’s whole life in my hands. The only people qualified to be a witness to your application are: Since I already had to go to the bank to notarize the copy of my passport and my father’s driver’s license, I had my local “bank manager” be my witness and do all of the dirty work above. J and I were wandering the streets when the grey clouds rolled in and the rain started to pour.We were looking for an escape to hide from the cold and, hopefully, get a drink.Although the Irish mainly use English to communicate, I’m really impressed at how the country is trying to push the Irish language back into their society. Anyway, I hope this page helps all the other Irish-wannabe hopefuls out there.Please email me if you have any questions about claiming Irish citizenship!Despite the hangover the next day, I still remembered the words of my fellow Irishman.

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