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Monographs: Great town on the Cheremshan: Stratigraphy and chronology.

– 445 p.; Volga Bolgaria in the Pre-Mongol period (10th – early 13th cc.). – 183 p.; Alfred Khasanovich Khalikov: An outline of life and scientific activity.

– 480 p.; History of Tatarstan from ancient times to the mid-16th century.

(in Russian and English); Kazan is my favourite city.

Piskarev); Bolgar ile hem anyn sheherlere: achyshlar, tabyshlar, farazlar. – 228 p.; Baryngy Kazan: yana arkheologik achyshlar. – 86 p.; Tatarstan hem tatar khalky tarikhy: boryngy zamannardan alyp 19th gasyr urtasyna kader.

Piskarev); Zhir astynda serler bar: Archeolog yazmalary.

Candidate's thesis: "Bilyar settlement: stratigraphy, chronology" (1987), in Leningrad branch of the Institute of Archaeology of AS USSR); doctoral thesis (on the basis of the collection of published works): "Bolgar town in 10th – early 13th cc." (2002). He studied and introduced into scientific use the materials of the largest monument of Volga Bolgaria – Bilyar settlement by substantiating the dating of its cultural deposits, continued and headed archaeological research of Kazan, which resulted in confirmation of its foundation period of late 10th – early 11th cc.

He is the author of over 570 scientific and non-fiction works including about 30 books and monographs, textbooks and study guides (a portion of papers has been published in Tatar, German, English, Czech and Bolgar languages). – 223 p.; Ancient Kazan through the eyes of contemporaries and historians / compilers and co-authors: F.

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Its taphonomy ensures that few charcoal pieces are recovered from the locations of actual hearths, so there is no proof that they provide precise dates for the final deposition of the sediment they were recovered from Bednarik a.

Study guide for general education institutions / compilers: F.

Study guide for 6th grade students of general education schools.

– 48 p.; Volga Bolgaria in the Pre-Mongol period (10th – early 13th cc.). – 127 p.; History of Tatarstan and Tatar people from ancient times to late 19th century.

– 68 p.; Tatarstan tarikhy: boryngy zamannardan alyp 16 gasyr urtasyna kader.

The more experienced researcher may wish to proceed to the main body of this webpage, its specialist library: The initial atmospheric concentrations of 14C and d13C are not known to us. In this case, based on a slightly lighter patina, the rider and ibex appear to have been added later.

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