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Dating coaches offer coaching and related products and services to improve their clients' success in dating and relationships.

Through discussion, role-playing, behavior modeling, and other forms of direction, a dating coach trains clients to meet and attract romantic partners.

Acting as a neutral intermediary on behalf of each member, they can help maximize the opportunity for a rewarding relationship.

Intermezzo matchmakers possess years of experience in human relations.

"Would you like to stand in your power, be more in control your life?Intermezzo matchmakers are confidantes entrusted with precious information.They provide members with valuable feedback to help them make a good impression on their dates.I apply a two-part therapeutic system: first - healing through a solution-oriented approach, followed by - coaching for personal development, so you acquire the understandings necessary to feel centered.""The poem, The Imaginary Career (by Rainer Maria Rilke), illustrates exquisitely our human condition.To quote: "At first a childhood, limitless and free" only to become "Defiance- The child bent becomes the bender". vast, cold empty space, alone" is a very painful place to find oneself.Christian dating seminars, for example, may stress differences between love and lust and knowing one's own self-worth. Many people believe that teaching romance is demeaning and unethical, while many others believe it is impossible.

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