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The "double sandwich" form of Sheffield plate was developed around 1770.

Used for pieces such as bowls and mugs that had a visible interior, it consisted of a sheet of silver each side of a piece of copper; early manufacturers applied a film of solder over the bare edge of copper although such pieces are very rare.

Much Old Sheffield seen today has been re-plated, especially items which received much use and polishing, such as candlesticks.

Items seldom displayed or used, such as egg cruets or soufflé dishes, are often in excellent condition and so may be confused with electroplate.

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While trying to repair the handle of a customer's decorative knife, he heated it too much and the silver started to melt.

Electroplating tends to produce a "brilliant" surface with a hard color – as it consists of pure rather than sterling silver and is usually deposited more thinly.

Sheffield plate continued to be used for up to a further 100 years for silver-plated articles subject to heavy wear, most commonly uniform buttons and tankards.

The actress donned a patterned dress with a bright yellow.

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Coin Silver (.900), Other Silver, Silver Alloys (.800-.899).

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