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If you hide who you are until you feel more “secure” you are more likely to find someone who takes advantage of your availability without having to recognize what you’ve given or what it should cost. It’s natural to feel somewhat nervous to discover whether he is feeling as serious about you as you are feeling about him. Too late and you may end up as friends, not partners. A few dates or even a few weeks is usually too early.It is the next step to want to know and at the same time it’s important to know how to read his signals before you have this discussion. If you are not a couple yet, wait to discuss are ‘we an exclusive couple?He’s misreading your signals or perhaps you are giving off an armored vibe that is keeping him from opening and/or committing to you 5.He’s not as into you as you are into him If you think that any of the following things might be going on in your partner, it is time to have a deep, authentic and meaningful conversation.I grew up in a fancy men’s barber shop in Beverly Hills.My dad was “barber to the stars.” I spent hours in a corner listening to them speak to each other.Tell him up front who you are and what your concept of a great relationship is and that you are honestly hoping that will happen someday with the right person but you know those little miracles are not usually created by intent.Let him know that you are serious about your quest but have no intent of asking anyone along who doesn’t feel the same way.

They were mostly powerful men, but definitely “bros” into today’s nomenclature.

If they entered that next phase of commitment, they introduced each other to friends, then family, then clergy.

Now they became, in the eyes of those who mattered, a couple-to-be, sanctioned along the way and watched over carefully to make sure they proceeded as directed. In case you haven’t noticed, things are radically different now.

People were first introduced by others who knew them well.

They were given a period of time to get to know each other and did not date anyone else until they either both liked each other enough to proceed or decided it wasn’t going to go anywhere.

When I work with my male patients, they appreciate the same caring, easy-going directness and want it so much from the women they date, before it gets “serious.” They hate games and hate being cornered even more. Approach him as a cultural anthropologist, eager to know who he is, where he comes from, and what his dreams and aspirations are.

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