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Encryption is also another common failing, without which the attacker can recover keys, certificates, hashes, and passwords and again gain control.Using System on a Chip (So C) to store encryption keys or sensitive information on the device using Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is the preferred option.This pitiful investment is leading to shortcuts and a ‘live, die, repeat’ attitude to development that spells disaster for the user and the long-term viability of the Io T seedbed.So what are these common issues that are cropping up time and again?Old CAs may have already been compromised but are still used by developers because it’s generally easier to leave them in place and simply switch off certificate validation.Unfortunately, this can then expose the device to man in the middle attacks.

If Io T vendors take the necessary steps to address these common security failings these devices will no longer be so easy to hijack and to subvert.

Typically wireless communication is used to pass the user’s SSID and pre-shared key (PSK) to the device, often in plain text, which the attacker can then capture and use.

Redundant functions often provide a convenient entrance point for the attacker.

Just because the device is encrypted doesn’t mean it is protected, however.

Poor implementation of encryption such as encryption without MAC, hardcoded IV and weak key generation can all lead to compromise and steer clear of home-grown cryptography. Attacks can see malicious firmware deployed to devices so sign and validate the signature during updates and ensure that the HTTPS connection is secure, with SSL certificates validated. There’s a tendency to assume that a local connection over a Wi Fi access point or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) confers some protection because of the limited range of the signal but this can still lead to drive-by attacks.

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