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It was obvious that he was proud to talk about me all the time.

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I was overwhelmed by the amount of love I felt at that time. It worked out though; we got married six years later."17. He hates pillows and sheets, and usually sleeps in weird positions but now, every night, he pulls me toward him in his sleep whenever I roll away without even realizing it. My boyfriend left his house, where he had his friends over for an important football game on TV, came to my house and took me for pizza. "My mom has this book of 'porn for women' that we find hilarious, which is basically just pictures of men doing household chores in their underwear.

"I had gone to spend a weekend with him at school (he's still a senior in college) and I was nervous about meeting his friends there for the first time.

But when I got there, they all knew so much about me!

It was nice to have a simple gesture that he knew wouldn't distract me from what I was doing, but showed that he appreciated me."14. One day, I went over to my boyfriend's house and he was vacuuming in his underwear and all I could think of was the book and that if I had a guy who was worthy of the book, how could I not want to keep him forever? "We were both studying for a major tests we had coming up.

"When he surprised me by driving two hours just to say 'I love you' (he said it first) and only being able to stay 15 minutes because he had to be back for work. I remember looking up at him totally focused on what he was doing.

Here are the 30 most beautiful "the moment I knew" stories from women ages 18 to 34:1.

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