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Here are the 30 most beautiful "the moment I knew" stories from women ages 18 to 34:1."My boyfriend and I were about to watch football so we had ordered a pizza.

But when I got there, they all knew so much about me!

Not a big deal so I went to sit down in the living room. I knew I loved him two months later when we were dating and I woke up at 2 a.m.

About 10–15 minutes had passed and my boyfriend finally comes to join me — with ranch. "We had been friends for about a year and at the time I was dating someone else. to him rubbing my back because I had been coughing in my sleep because of my asthma."5.

"My back got incredibly sunburnt on a vacation me and my guy took to Florida.

He bought a ginormous bottle of aloe and gently applied it to my back every 30 minutes all day without a single complaint.

By the time Patterson was doing La fattoria dei giorni felici (1965) he was in his late 70s and almost completely deaf, but the producers loved his portrayal so much they worked around his hearing impairment by having the dialogue coach lying on the floor, out-of-shot, tapping Hank's leg with a yardstick as a cue to speak his line.

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