Dating ideas for asking out

If you have some sort of social event coming up where you are going to be in public, invite her to it by saying something like, “I want to take you to the end-of-the-year gala… Sometimes, all it takes is showing some vulnerability and saying exactly how you feel.

“I want to be your boyfriend,” is what I said to my wife, so I can guarantee that it has worked at least once!

This is the time to show off your sense of humor if you’re that kind of guy.

I’d suggest trying something like: “Saturday, 9 p.m., Nov.

Check out some of these different ideas to ask a girl to be your girlfriend: can make you a custom piece of jewelry with a QR code that can say anything you want.

Not only is the necklace a piece of high-tech fashion, but boy will she be surprised when she scans it and receives a personalized message from you.

Besides all the browsing, antique shopping comes with a built-in second date. Go to a thrift store and pick outfits to wear out for a drink.

Depending on your athletic level and the trails in your area, try upgrading to a hike.

I want to lock this in; I want you as my girlfriend. Sometimes it’s hard for a guy to be romantic because our brains may not be wired that way, but I’ve got a few never-fail romantic ways in which to ask out a girl to be your girlfriend.Food that pair together perfectly include mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, spaghetti and meatballs, and burgers and fries. If you are a coder, write up some “malware” that eventually pops up on her screen: “Error 2569.When you two are sitting down to eat, comment about how some things just go together and are better together and say, “Kind of like you and me.” Then ask her! In order to proceed, must agree to be Steve’s girlfriend.” Sweets are the way to a lot of people’s hearts, so you could make or get her a cake, some cupcakes, a box of chocolates — anything you think she might like — and put the words right on it.Most bakeries would love to help you out with this. I think it’s fun to figure out unique ways of doing something.You’ll definitely stand out and show that you put some time and effort in it.The tips above are just some of the good ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, but at the end of the day, you know the girl you like and/or are dating more than anyone, so trust your instinct on this one!

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