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Brazil is an emerging world economy and the biggest exporter of sugar, coffee, beef and surprisingly airplanes.There are more than 2500 airports in this huge country that takes half of South America.The famous favelas where criminal drug gangs are ruling over the people, where boys die young and where it is to dangerous for the police to do their job.About 45% of the Brazilian women is mixed African-Europese-Indian blood and is light to dark skinned with dark hair.14 of the biggest Brazilian cities are containing more than a million inhabitants, where Sao Paulo is the biggest one (11 million people).Brazil is the fourth biggest country in the world and the fifth of most populated countries.A new relationship in Brazil is born easily; you don’t have to work hard for that.Brazilian women will often take the first action and make the decision how far she want to go.

In the beginning she will think it is strange, but she will get used to it very quick.They like to dress well and make up very carefully.She is strong and independent and knows what she wants.Many eye catching mixes are very common, like light skin, dark eyes and frizzy hair, or dark skin, blue eyes, and blond long hair.In Brazil you can see it all, even within a family.Partly naked dancers from Rio de Janeiro celebrating carnaval is the first though of westen men thinking about Brazilian women, but Brazil is a huge country accounting for more than 200 million citizen.

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