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If you disliked the job, there is no need to say so in your letter.

You do not want to make any enemies - after all, you may need to ask your manager for a recommendation.

It's usually better to resign in person, and then follow up with a formal resignation letter.

However, if you need to send a resignation email, write it as professionally as you would a resignation letter on paper.

However, if you plan on making any sort of legal claim against your employer for wrongful treatment, etc., it may be in your best interest to leave out this section.

Here's a list of what not to include in a resignation letter.

Show your resignation letter to a career counselor or ask a friend to review it if you want someone else to check it over for you. : It is always best to resign in person, and then follow up by sending a letter of resignation.

While it's not required, offering to help during the transitional period and weeks following is generally appreciated.

Pw C research found that 72% of companies plan to use advanced data analytics to boost the customer experience and build a more customer-focused supply chain.

This customer-first strategy accounts for the success of companies across the retail spectrum. Your personal and professional development, your achievement, your lifelong learning, your individuality and your choices.

you are beginning another job, you are going back to school, you are taking time off), but this is not necessary.

If you do choose to say why you are leaving, be positive - focus on where you are going next, not on what you disliked about your current job.

Most resignation letters are no more than one typed page.

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