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As time progressed, I stuck to my initial conclusion.I found them to be highly forward in their approach, leaving nothing to the imagination.Still there was something alluring about Jamaica men.Generally, they are well groomed and dress great; in fact some go as far as shaping their eye brows :) When you meet a handsome, well dressed Jamaica and he opens his mouth to address you and is able to cut back tremendously on the forwardness, he can become almost irresistible.A vivid example that was used by a colleague was that if a Jamaican man says to a lady "yo pum pum (referring to the vagina) fat", it is actually a compliment that Jamaican ladies will Well I surely pointed out that from the little island where I come from, it is a huge disrespect and the man who is brave enough to say it, would never hear the end of it.

Jamaican Singles is the premier site for Jamaican singles to meet for dates, relationships, and much more.I remembered the first guy who approached me, asked me if I had a boyfriend, when I responded yes, he stated that once I am not married, I am single. I also saw them as unfaithful, searching to see what they can get from you before you return to your island or country.I made up mind no matter how I attractive they were, never a Jamaican.Their accent is very strong and manly and it grabs your attention, even the 'magga' man can capture your attention simply by speaking.On this note, word of caution, do not blind date simply by a phone conversation with a Jamaican because what you hear might not add up to what you may see.Today I am married to one, a good one I might add and he takes pleasure in reminding me of what I use to say :) Lesson learnt lol..all Jamaicans are the same or to put even more generally, the fault of one man cannot be used to judge another man.

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