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According to, it's the busiest weekend of the year for online dating, culminating at exactly pm ET on Sunday, Jan. Meeting people on the Internet is so ingrained in our culture, we can barely remember a time before chat rooms. Whether you're on e Harmony,, and OKCupid all at once or you could never put a profile out there, one thing is for sure: online dating is here to stay.Only eight per cent of respondents said they actually supervised their children while online.

Mr Hodge added: "People need to know what they are getting.

However, when the children were asked themselves, in most cases fewer than a third were concerned by the various risks.

Lindsey Rix of Aviva said: ‘Technology is now very much a part of our lives from a very early age.

There was also a difference between countries, with over 53 per cent of Americans admitting to lying about their appearance compared to just 44 per cent of Britons.

Mr Hodge went on: "American society is more obsessed with appearance and stature than the British so it makes sense that they would embellish the truth.

The revelation that many are doing so with the full knowledge of their parents will stoke calls for families to take more responsibility for their children’s online activity.

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