Dating miniature liquor bottles

I don't think too many people feel neutral about this scent. I have the vintage bottle of the EDP and also the body oil, but recently I ordered a new bottle from Amazon for 23.00. The dry down is beautiful, powdery, patchouli and sandalwood. The bath oil smells like a sweeter version *of the drydown* of the EDP. Since that is my favorite part I feel like something is missing when I wear the bath oil.I think everyone should sample this timeless beauty. Also, I personally have a low tolerance for sweetness in perfume and find the bath oil too sweet for my tastes.

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My current 2018 Youth Dew in the vintage 1953 blue bottle (Thank you Nordstrom for carrying this) is actually the BEST smelling Youth Dew I have ever had or smelled. The scent is similar to the ointment that my great-grandmother used to apply on us when my sisters and I were sick, it gave us comfort and sleep better. This perfume takes me back to the mid 80s as a twelve year old.ONE spray on the wrists and then touch the inner folds of the arm, and the scent is amazing. I would say that this deserves a place beside other famous perfumes, like Shalimar and Chanel no.5 Now that I'm old enough to appreciate it, I smell a warm, spicy, vintage oriental perfume. YD is the scent of a by-gone era, when a perfume was meant to be a perfume, not a sugary water with some fruit thrown in. The woman who wears Youth Dew is assertive, self-assured and incredibly alluring. The scent is super strong, I can't imagine how strong it is if I bought the spray bottle.If this sounds like you or a special lady in your life, then look no further and get this regal and beautiful spiced goddess perfume. This is definitely a "classic" and exuberant fragrance. My Keywords: old fashioned bars, women with manners peculiarly dressed, society life, old movies, literature, big theatres, bold, hard liquor, seduction, women with overloaded make-up, ferment. Just not for me :) I have been wearing a sample given to me mixed with Indian Night Jasmine oil from The Body Shop. I like Youth Dew but i find it a bit intimidating however mixing it with jasmine( or sandalwood) makes it more " me". I want to leave another review now that I have used the bath oil for a while.Bravo the house of Lauder for making such a sublime magical perfume ! Songs for the scent: (introvert side): Julie London - Cry Me A River (exhuberant side): Liza Minnelli - Cabaret Yes, it's definitely a Love or Hate scent. I really love the newer version, I find the vintage very cloying and too strong, it almost smells like it has gone off. But I think the current version is absolutely lovely, very spicy and powdery on my skin. It reminds her of her grandmother/mother along with Lanvin Arpege. I have used it in the tub and also put some into a rollerball and used as perfume.I have a current version and can only imagine that those describing a sillage monster must have vintage or original formulas.

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