Dating sasha


I used this book extensively for checking items of original clothing when I came across them on ebay.By Anne Votaw with Ann Louise Chandler and Susanna E.It looks like it will be a comprehensive guide to identification and dating of your Sasha dolls from all three production periods.I think it will probably supersede the Charts that Susanna Lewis created that I mention below.

Amazing photography of beautiful Sasha dolls from all of the production periods.

A book that should be in every Sasha Collectors collection as the information is utterly fascinating. By Susanna Lewis with Ann Louise Chandler and Anne Votaw ISBN 978-0-9849279-1-3 This is the third book in the series.

At the time of writing, I have just ordered this book from Sasha Doll website.

ISBN 3-7165-1073-4 Written by Annemarie Monteil, Barbara Morgenthaler. Sasha-Puppen is a wonderful book about Sasha Morgenthaler’s life and the fabulous Studio Dolls that she made.

Photographs are truly sumptuous and so inspirational.

Her match against Bayley at NXT Take Over: Respect on October 7, 2015 was the first women's match to ever headline a major WWE event, the first women's Iron Man match, and the longest women's match in WWE history at the time with a length of 30 minutes.

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