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You can buy a Car Train package from the VR Online Shop.Before you start to purchase a Car Train package please have your registration book at hand to check for instance your car's dimensions during ticket purchasing.If you cannot load your car yourself VR can in exceptional cases do it for you.However, loadings effected by VR have to be always agreed beforehand when you make the order.Additional information on Veturi loyalty program Will there be changes in the night train and Car Train tickets and prices?

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Car Train and night train timetables can be easily viewed in the VR Online Shop.

Applications for the Vocational Teacher Education Programme's internationally oriented group are accepted until 30 January 2018.

Travel on night trains in a seat or in a sleeping compartment in a one, two or three person compartment.

A marking on the ticket does not guarantee a specific space but only the fact that a space of sufficient height is available.

Only the driver may be inside the car when it is loaded on the car-carrier wagon.

The cooperation between JAMK and Beihua University in China continues.

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