Dating someone with down syndrome


This article was originally published in the journal Down Syndrome Research and Practice, vol 3, issue 2, 1995. Abstract -As human beings, individuals with Down syndrome have the right to emotionally satisfying and culturally appropriate sexual expression.

Copyright © 1995-2001 The Down Syndrome Educational Trust. As patients, they have the right to routine reproductive health care provided to the general population.

Click Mail Settings, and select No from the drop down menu that reads, Allow a user to see that you have viewed their profile.

Entering the dating world can be a nerve-wracking process for anyone.

An active life, including participation in work, social, and worship environments, is now possible.

To see the date and time someone viewed your profile, you’ll need an Upgraded Membership.

Plus, you can plan a bigger group activity to enjoy. Keep Trying Eventually, you may hear a “no” when you ask someone out on a date.

It can hurt to hear a rejection, but it happens to all of us.

You can offer to let them chaperone if they’re worried, just as long as they let you and your date enjoy the activities you have planned.

Need more dating advice before scheduling your first night out?

There have been major advances in interdisciplinary and preventive medical management of individuals with Down syndrome.

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