Dating violence abuser canada


When they notified their department about the abuse, the women said the investigations were bungled.

They rarely complain to police, criminal charges are rarer still, and an abusive officer’s chances of losing his badge and gun are virtually nil.

I met her while doing an investigative story in 2000 on police family violence for the Canadian current-affairs magazine (now defunct).

I started looking into the topic after a friend told me a curious story.

The internal hearings usually result in no more than a token slap on the wrist for the officer.

Despite the high number of abusive officers, charges are laid in only a tiny number of cases—often, it seems, only those too extreme to ignore. He is usually at ease with courtroom procedures and testifying on the stand.

She talked with me even though she experienced severe emotional trauma whenever she relived her experiences—as she still does today.

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