Dating with college girls


You will find the perfect girl for you if you patiently wait.

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out ways to date girls at local colleges b/c since I graduated I'm realizing meeting women outside of college is very difficult.How do you overcome being a "townie" and not a "college student" while trying to pick up college women. How much of a DLV is having a apartment with roommates? I disagree, I believe a nice car can easily help a persons game.I have 2 roommates, but can afford a solo place but am focusing on paying off student loan debt. Taking the stance that I have "average" dating skills (had a few short term gfs (months) and some ONSs).When you approach college girls, you don’t want to come across like that creepy old guy that is just out to meet a younger woman.If you do come off like this, then you probably are not going to end up dating a younger woman, you are going to end up repelling younger women.How much of a difference do you think upgrading car would make?

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