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Horrified, Natasha rushed to her side and forced open her mouth. Her third marriage, in June 1956, was to yet another father figure - the intellectual playwright Arthur Miller, who, at 40, was older than her by a decade.But a miscarriage, followed by a heartless letter from her mentally unstable mother Gladys - telling her that along with motherhood came certain responsibilities, 'and you, dear child, are not a responsible person' - was the catalyst for Marilyn's increasing dependence on drink and drugs.'There were about 25 people in there and the crowd divided into halves as she walked through the room.' The actress Arlene Dahl, who was also at that party, said: 'Marilyn walked in and everything stopped, everyone stopped. He recalls that she seemed calm and relaxed, and was wearing what he described as 'kind of a robe thing' - which was not too out of place, as there were a lot of people by the pool. It was obvious they were intimate and that they were staying there together for the night.' The tryst was to have unforeseen tragic consequences.'There was no question in my mind that Marilyn and the President were together,' he said. While Marilyn became obsessed with the President, for him the weekend with the world's most desirable woman was simply another notch - albeit an impressive one - on his bedstead.Mrs Kennedy brooded on her husband's affair with the film star more than any other fling and Monroe "seemed to bother her the most," according to These Precious Few Days: The Final Years of Jack with Jackie by Christopher Andersen.

In the early days of their marriage she told Jim she thought she was being followed, and she began to use threats of suicide to gain attention: 'If anything bad happens to our marriage,' she would warn him, 'I'll jump off a bridge, Daddy.' The marriage failed when Marilyn's photogenic potential was spotted and she was encouraged to try her luck in the ruthless Hollywood studio system.

By 1962, the year she died, she was heavily dependent on prescription drugs and alcohol to control her emotional instability.

She feared she had inherited her mother's paranoid schizophrenia and often heard 'voices' or claimed she was being followed.

At the height of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, Dr Jacobson was reportedly injecting both Kennedys as well as other members of the "Camelot" set.

At the end of February 1962 the British actor Peter Lawford and his wife Pat - John F.

Kennedy's sister - invited Marilyn Monroe to a dinner party in New York that was being held to honour the President.

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