Dating wooden sewing thread spools


Simply clean your machine regularly, which you should be doing anyway. Is the rule about not using old threads based on a few people who inherited entire thread collections that were stored in damp places and had terrible experiences with those (because thread that gets damp does need to be thrown out)?Or do I just have the miracle vintage thread collection? And for me that’s pretty good evidence that vintage thread is fine to sew with!Whenever I’ve had problems with thread breaking it’s happened as it ran through the machine: in hundreds of garments sewn with vintage thread I’ve never had one that started breaking after a couple/dozen wears.Package included: 1 Pcs Sewing Holder(Not include wires) Wire rack above the gavelock can be hung line,make your...

I estimate that 90% of my sewing is done with vintage thread, and I’ve never had a problem with it.Please get in touch if you would like one tailor made for your sewing space.Threads are kept tidy and out of the way and double up as a creative and interesting feat...Condition of sales payment should be received within ...Wooden thread spools can be found at garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales.I use new thread for commissions and when sewing with students, so I’ve been able to compare new with old on the same machines, and even on different projects in the same fabrics.

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