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These designs were the first to be formed with Dlastic masks and air brushed.They were then colored with enamel paint and baked to harden the paint.Other lighters produced 1937-1950 were stamped "PATENT 2032695".bdr rnd E ',lfrrg Praised in countless wartime stories. (it) is the mosl coveted thing in the Army.- t€ - 1951- 1955 1951 - During the Korean War, Zippo cases were manufactured from sleel until late 1953 when they returned to the chrome plated brass. Our new arrivals include: Superb Armor lighters with 360-degree Multi Cut, Laser & Auto Engrave combination imprints.We would also like to introduce our James Bond 007 Lighter and our new range of Leaf Design Lighters.This guide illustrat€ a l QW farlily 5tore &mueeum See the zippo historical lighter collection and corporate memorabilia from Zippo and its subsidiary, Case Cutlery Co. The Zippo Family Store and Museum is located on Congress Slreet next to the Zippo Factory in Bradlord, Pennsylvania.Hours are - Monday-Friday (Saturday hours are seasonai.' Phone: (814) 368-2863 ht],pllwltw Please note that the Zippo lightets shown in this guicle arc tot histo cal inlomation only- Since we no longer ptoduce these models, they are not available tor ,,lrchase lrcn Zippo Manulactuing Company- selection of the most Dooular collectibles.

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Ernie Pyle, the legendary war corresponden L wrote: "The Zjppo lighter is . These were available in brown alligator, red, brown and green reptile and black or blue Moroccan leather.

1939 - The 14 karat solid gold lighter was introduced.

lt was available in ' a plain model and an engine-tumed 1943 - Due to shortaqes of brass ard chrome during World-War ll, cases made of porous steel and oainted ',rat a black crackle finish, Zippo'b entire productjon was distributed to Army exchanges and Naval ships'stores WWll black crackle lighters were stamped "PATENT #203695".

Since the late 50's, the bottom of every Zippo lighter has featured a series of dots and slashes which serve as code marks.

When matched to the manufacturer's coding chart above, you can determine what year the lighters were produced.

Since 1932 Zippo Man Ufacturing Company has manufactured over 25 million windproof lighters.

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