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To confirm your acceptance of the obligation to comply with the safety and security requirements you, as business partner, can as the case may be, either sign and return the AEO Security Declaration or inform Jungheinrich that your company is already certified as an AEO.

In the former case, the recommended draft in German for the AEO Security Declaration can be found on the homepage of the German Customs Administration.

#petroleum @eptntnu @ivfakultetet… En utdannelse innen skredproblematikk er populært som aldri før.The following is the nginx setting that I use to proxy requests from 80 to 3030 or 3031 based on the subdomain name.that there is "something else" beyond the 3 dimensions that we are familiar with?But any request with custom headers, or PUT/DELETE requests, do need a preflight because there’s a chance the server is not able to understand them at all.The current setting for my app is there are 2 websites listening on port 30. Website on 3030 renders normal websites and 3031 renders mobile website. A preflight request is automatically issued by a browser when needed, say, when your request is cross origin.

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