Daughter dating guidelines


When your teen starts dating , it can be exciting and a little scary. While dads may be glad to see their daughter happy or in love, when it comes to father and daughters , there are some hard line rules that NO suitor should cross. 12 08 2007 - Teen dating can sure be a parenting challenge.

So if your daughter is home when you're not, show up unexpectedly on occasion or ask a friendly neighbor to check up on her. Usually Bill and his daughter made small talk on their brief ride home. Insist that you meet the person dating your son or daughter each time before they go out.

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Also, secret meetings and clandestine adventures will be discovered—I have my ways! What rules do you have for someone dating your daughter?So be sure you’re comfortable with me seeing what you’re sending.One more thing, she does not take her phone to bed with her.Sure my daughter is fun, but she’s also a student, and in our house, school comes before fun.That means she won’t be going with you to the mall, the movies or out to dinner on a school night.[Have your child sign i MOM’s Cell Phone Contract.] I know, the style is to be cool and distant.

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