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Since the declaration of intention to fork in 2014, infrastructure has been put in place to support Devuan’s mission to offer users control over their system.

Devuan Jessie provides continuity as a safe upgrade path from Debian 7 (Wheezy) and a flawless switch from Debian 8 (Jessie) that ensures the right to Init Freedom and avoids entanglement.

This latter group is the family that we will be discussing in this guide.

Package management is one of the fundamental advantages that Linux systems provide.

That is the most common method for package updates and installs for these operating systems.

The repo structure should be permanent, but if there are any changes they will be pointed out in the release posts, found in the Community.

The URL is only meant to be used when using the CLI commands as in the one shown above.

Your Uni Fi Controller should now be accessible at the computer's configured local or public IP address. This step may not be required, depending on the Linux distro you have.

Devuan aliases its releases using minor planet names as codenames.

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