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We have done a few reviews of mail order bride services.

All those reviews came to the same conclusion that these sites were basically no more than a system of tricking you into purchasing credits in order to email back what could be interested women but they could also be just paid employees that are used to trick you into purchasing even more credits.

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If you break this down according to email, you are able to send or read 100 emails only for 9.00.

I put in all my details correctly, the right name and address and everything, but it's still declined. IF anyone actually replies, please quote me so I notice it.

I could use Pay Pal (which I know is working) but they require immediate payment, and I don't have enough in my Pay Pal to pay.

Many privacy experts warn that consumers should be mindful of what they buy with plastic.

How much do credit card issuers know about your purchases? Privacy questions "Obviously that is something that most credit cardholders are not going to think about," says Paul Stephens, director of policy and advocacy for the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a San Diego-based privacy rights groups.

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