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And taking a picture of yourself in a bathroom mirror will reduce your chances of a like by as much as 90 per cent.

Beach photos also didn't do well, decreasing the chance of a like for both men and women.

Don’t fall into fantasies or silly excuses; be strategic and make wise investments.

People will like and trust you more when you are real and honest. If your profile includes pictures that don’t show the real you today, you are tricking people.

(If the personality match is not there, it simply won’t last.) Post honest, up-to-date pictures of yourself so that you can eliminate the annoying possibility that so-and-so shows up and decides they don’t want to give you a second chance because your pictures look nothing like the real you.

Meanwhile, men saw an increase in likes when smiling without teeth, facing front on.

Jean-Marie Mc Grath, a spokesperson for Hinge, said: 'Since Hinge profiles are designed to show off our Members' personalities, we want to help them put their best foot forward with their photos.'Now we can tell them which photos they should share and which they should probably keep to themselves.'Hinge has released data on the most successful photo practices.

The vast majority of men or women that show up for that first date with you will feel confused or even angry that you weren’t more honest about your appearance.

Reaching that point of frustration or distrust on the first date, most sane people will not give you another chance.

You’re afraid you can’t attract good dates based on what you look like now. If you looked more attractive in the past (based on purely conventional standards endorsed by society), perhaps there are some people who would have dated you then but wouldn’t date you now.

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