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The former Commanding Officer of the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre Network has opened up for the first time to reveal what she calls the 'down and dirty' tactics employed by the church to 'hunt' and hook in celebrities.

Karen Schless Pressley was an elite member of the church's administrative Sea Org who signed her billion-year contract in 1986.

Karen Pressley is a fringe apostate with a personal agenda and a single motivation to make money out of her former association with the Church of Scientology.

Her allegations are not only categorically denied, but have been totally undermined or disproved in the past.

One name that usually gets erased from the church's list of actual conquests, Karen noted, is Charles Manson.

It included Pablo Picasso, Walt Disney, Ed Sullivan, Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway.

Two years later they got married in a private Kabbalah ceremony at their Beverly Hills home.

Ex-husband Bruce Willis and about 100 other guests attended. 17, 2011, Demi issued a statement that "with a heavy heart" she was ending the couple's six-year marriage.

That is what lured in and trapped lots of people.'Between 19, Karen said, she went from 'enthusiastic volunteer' at the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles to 'radicalized' devotee prepared to sign a billion-year contract to the Sea Org.

Her husband joined the church but was disqualified from membership because he had taken LSD, which Hubbard had outlawed.

While Schless worked for the church's Golden Era Studios, scoring educational and promotional videos out at their International Base (Int Base) in the Southern Californian desert, Karen took on her first executive role as Deputy Commanding Officer of CC Public Relations.

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