Demi moore tom cruise dating


May 2003 - November 2011Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were first spotted together at Diddy's MTV Movie Awards after party.

Apparently they were the talk of the party, and really turned heads with their 16-year age difference.

That is what lured in and trapped lots of people.'Between 19, Karen said, she went from 'enthusiastic volunteer' at the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles to 'radicalized' devotee prepared to sign a billion-year contract to the Sea Org.

Her husband joined the church but was disqualified from membership because he had taken LSD, which Hubbard had outlawed.

Karen Pressley is a fringe apostate with a personal agenda and a single motivation to make money out of her former association with the Church of Scientology.

Her allegations are not only categorically denied, but have been totally undermined or disproved in the past.

While Schless worked for the church's Golden Era Studios, scoring educational and promotional videos out at their International Base (Int Base) in the Southern Californian desert, Karen took on her first executive role as Deputy Commanding Officer of CC Public Relations.

Two months later she was promoted to Commanding Officer and from there she was catapulted to become CO of the entire network.

Karen Pressley's brief stint at Celebrity Centre ended nearly three decades ago, in 1989.Pressley failed at every job she had in the Church.Her last position was as a gardener at a Church facility in Riverside County.She has detailed leader David Miscavige's friendship with his 'biggest trophy' Tom Cruise, and the abuses that saw the leader's own father brand him 'a monster.'And she has shared the heartbreaking cost of her freedom - the loss of the man she loved, husband of 20 years, Peter Schless.Karen, 65, left in 1998 - after two failed attempts in 19.One name that usually gets erased from the church's list of actual conquests, Karen noted, is Charles Manson.

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