Dependency property binding not updating

I've probably missed something obvious, here are some code snippets: This is where I bind the You can organize better the way the Data Context's are defined.

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Abhishek Sur I have a queation: So i implement a Parser of WPF Contol.As your Player Info control depends on the Selected User, consider setting it's Data Context to the Selected User, either binding it to the Selected User of the List View or the Selected User in the User Data viewmodel.In this second approach, however, you will have to check one thing I'm not sure about.If I changed the value of the complex type, the column would update fine (it implemented INPC). Data Context to the Selected User of the User Data and then bind Text to the Balance property.If I changed the complex type instance of an entity, the column would not... Please try testing after changing your binding for text box inside your user control to bind to Balance Content which is User Controls Dependency Property (your original binding source seems to be data context property) You are binding a Static Resource to the property.I am trying to bind a dependency property to a collection's current selection and for reasons I can't seem to grasp, the binding does not update when the collection changes. One is updating correctly (on the textblock/run), and the other only displays the initial element and doesn't change when the data grid selection changes.

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