Devious dating by david burton


Even if GH chooses to let Franco sweat it out a little longer, that bomb’s bound to drop eventually.

Elsewhere, Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) will rush to find Anna. It looks like a vicious attack will take place and Andre (Anthony Montgomery) may be the victim.

Other General Hospital spoilers say Finn (Michael Easton) will follow Anna’s (Finola Hughes) instructions.

He’ll plant a listening device on Cassandra’s (Jessica Tuck) phone so they can hear all the dirty details of what she’s up to. The week of January 1-5 will deliver another round of shockers.

Carly (Laura Wright) will be pleased since this is all part of her sneaky plan.

The deeper they dig the more they come to realize that their missions touch on stakes that are much larger than their individual agendas.

Falling Water is one of the most exciting and interesting new shows of 2016 for sure.

He may get the wrong idea about who his father is and how things played out in the past. Obrecht will start to panic as Nathan heads down a perilous road.

Back with Cassandra, she’ll tighten her grip on Valentin (James Patrick Stuart).

Once everything’s out in the open, he may wish he’d never searched for the truth.

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