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Mr Bercow was applauded by MPs after branding Mr Trump racist and sexist but despite its acclaim the tirade is likely to provoke a diplomatic headache in No 10 and at Buckingham Palace.Mr Trump's executive order provoked protests around the world and has been suspended by US judges as unconstitutional.

It is protected by the Speakers of the Commons and Lords and the Great Lord Chamberlain, on behalf of the Queen.

Emperor Hirohito, Japan's wartime head of state, made his first state visit to Britain in 1971.

Former prisoners of war - angry at Japan's brutal militaristic past - protested by standing in silence as his carriage drove past.

The extraordinary intervention at a key moment in British-Chinese relations will cause deep embarrassment for the government which hopes to use the visit to secure billions of pounds in trade deals.

Pictured is President Xi addressing MPs and peers Protesters attempting to highlight human rights violations clashed with pro-China supporters during a procession welcoming Chinese president Xi to the UK.

From protesters toppling an effigy of George W Bush to demos against China's human rights record, state visits to the UK have had their fair share of controversy.

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