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Kuwait has banned its citizens from entering 'into an agreement, personally or indirectly, with entities or persons residing in Israel, or with Israeli citizenship'.The country also uses Sharia Law for family disputes - where a woman's testimony is not valued as highly as a man's.

Pictured is President Xi addressing MPs and peers Protesters attempting to highlight human rights violations clashed with pro-China supporters during a procession welcoming Chinese president Xi to the UK.Prime Minister Theresa May extended an invite to Mr Trump for a state visit on her trip to Washington earlier this month - marking the earliest invite for a new US president in decades.Mr Bercow personally welcomed Chinese president Xi Jinping for a speech in the Royal Gallery in 2015 - but used a speech to rebuke him over human rights and democracy.But Mr Bercow previously had no objections to leaders of controversial regimes including China, Kuwait and Qatar addressing MPs and peers in both houses.The Speaker is one of three 'key holders' for the ancient hall who must agree to its use and if he refuses to cooperate it will be impossible for Theresa May to extend a speaking invitation to the US President.Scuffles broke out between the two groups after the police perimeter set up for protesters was ignored by both sides.

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