Disadvantages of online dating sites

The assumptions for this research are next: the more common interests and friends the observed profile has with input user, the more rank of similarity is; the stated in profile interests are actually the interests of a user; an organization running the program has the Vkontakte id of the customer, which has recently purchased the product/ the service; the target audience of a product/ service is not restricted (it is not construction materials, specialized equipment etc.) .The remainder of this thesis is organized as follows: Task Definition presents the major goal of the research and tasks for the goal completion.

The rank of similarities would be useful for targeted advertisement in Vkontakte social network, considering the appearance of the features like direct conversation between user and organization (which has a type `group' in vkontakte) and the opportunity for organizations to post goods and prices on group's page.Vkontakte was first launched for beta testing in September 2006 by Pavel Durov.In the beginning the user registration was limited and required invitation.The next part, Work's Scientific Value, contains arguments for the thesis's relevance and novelty.Methodological Variety includes the existing ways for similar problem solving and their consideration.A path between two users through a user, who is bridge, will be a shortest path. Centrality is a degree, which represents the importance and the effect of separate user (or users cluster) inside of the graph. Density is a percentage the proportion of direct links in network in relation to the total number of possible links. Distance - a minimum number of links required to set a connection between two separate users. Structural holes - the absence of connection between two parts of social network f.

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