Disadvantages of online dating sites


The assumptions for this research are next: the more common interests and friends the observed profile has with input user, the more rank of similarity is; the stated in profile interests are actually the interests of a user; an organization running the program has the Vkontakte id of the customer, which has recently purchased the product/ the service; the target audience of a product/ service is not restricted (it is not construction materials, specialized equipment etc.) .

After historical summary main concepts and conditions of social networks are described and related works are overviewed.

An overview existing methods and ways of links analysis A research possible scientific value of work based on current state of business in this area A development of general algorithms Software tools selection Algorithm's implementation using existing tools Solution testing and practical applicability demonstration a Small World - private social network with invitation required Facebook - world famous social network developed by Mark Zuckerberg and team.

Piczo - a social networking and blogging website for teen Dogster - a social network service for dog-lovers.

NATIONAL RESEARCH UNIVERSITY HIGHER SCHOOL of ECONOMICS Faculty of Business and Management School of Business Informatics Author: Daniil Pronin MASTER THESIS Master's programme Big Data Systems DEVELOPMENT OF SOFTWARE FOR MARKETING ANALYSIS AND INTEREST ANALYSIS IN VKONTAKTE SOCIAL NETWORK WITH APPLICATION OF LINK ANALYSIS Moscow 2016 CONTENTS to monitor and analyze of social networks; to forecast and control social networks Monitoring includes raw data retrieval and structuring.

User profiles, connections, posts and messages are accumulated.

Task Completion Proof shows the completion of tasks defined in the section Task Defintion with references to the sections presented in this thesis.

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