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I try to only remember and think about the good stuff, and all the good that came from it. People who say that I wrote that blog for press to sell my album... I already have enough money, so I don't have to work another day in my life. Like I said, the shows, the touring and everything is cool. Even though I have a bad feeling about Mustaine as a person... But I can still appreciate if I hear "Hangar 18", for example — I don't have to be on the song. There's been certain songs that I've heard over the years. I can totally appreciate the good songs that he's written, and so can his fans.The fans are already there; the MEGADETH fans who were into me have already contacted me. It's amazing how loyal the fans are; I played on one album and played on a few tours, but they still remember, and that's really touching. I think he's a poser; I think he's one of the biggest phonies in rock 'n' roll and music. If a guitar student brings a song in and says, "Hey, can you help me figure out this solo by Marty Friedman? The unfortunate thing is that it's hard for me to appreciate and look back on my time fondly, and it's hard for the fans to enjoy the music, when he won't shut his fucking mouth. When I challenged him to a guitar duel, I was joking about that, like "I challenge you to a duel, sir", like they did in the Wild West or whatever.

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Well, it's just like when someone's fucked up; it makes their singing out of tune, and their playing sloppy. We just told Louie, the soundman, "Dude, when he's sounding lame...", and many bands do this. You can hear live tapes, and you can go back and listen to bootlegs. And you allege that Dave Mustaine was that wasted on tour that he had to be carried offstage every night? And this for me was one of my most embarassing moments in the band, and that I'm telling the story because it involves METALLICA.I wasn't that broken up about it, and it wasn't like anything had happened between Doro and me. And you didn't verbally quit MEGADETH as a result of that love letter? If you have a crush on a girl, and she's into another guy, you just think "OK." That's where I was, but the drama always gets picked up because it looks better in print, and Dave likes to look good in print, and make drama, likes to hype the You alleged that you, Dave Ellefson [MEGADETH bassist] and Chuck [Behler, MEGADETH drummer at the time] had come to an agreement with the soundman on tours to bury Dave Mustaine's contributions in the mix, and that he had to be carried offstage each and every night.Robert Gray of recently conducted an interview with former MEGADETH and current HYDROGYN guitarist Jeff Young. Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH mainman] alleges that you opened up his suitcase once and found a love letter from Doro Pesch. We were flirting with each other, but apparently Doro has bad taste and she was crushing on Mustaine. We hung out many nights on the tour; she'd come back to the hotel room, and we'd all hang out. I kinda had a crush on Doro, and I can't lie: she was cute, she was hot.He's got enough, but he's like the kid in the sandbox that has to have all the toys in his corner, and he doesn't wanna share any credit or anything.

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