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On May 1, 1804, the first group of emigrants departed for the United States.The initial move scattered the followers and reduced Rapp's original group of 12,000 to just a few followers.As their numbers increased, Rapp’s group officially split with the Lutheran Church in 1785 and was banned from meeting.Despite warnings from local authorities, the group continued to meet privately and attract even more followers.

Johann Georg Rapp (November 1, 1757 – August 7, 1847), also known as George Rapp, was the founder of the religious sect called Harmonists, Harmonites, Rappites, or the Harmony Society.On February 15, 1805, the settlers at Harmony, Pennsylvania, signed articles of association to formally establish the Harmony Society in the United States.In this document, Society members agreed to hold all property in a common fund, including working capital of ,000 to purchase land, livestock, tools, and other goods needed to establish their town.Under its founder and spiritual leader, Johann Georg Rapp (1757–1847); Frederick (Reichert) Rapp (1775–1834), his adopted son who managed its business affairs; and their associates, the Society existed for one hundred years; roughly from 1805 until 1905.Members were known as Harmonists, Harmonites, or Rappites.Lindsay Lohan: I actually have over four hundred Lindsay Lohan: dollars in the bank, and twenty Lindsay Lohan: thousand Marlboro Milds, which I'm Lindsay Lohan: very proud of.

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