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(not only applies to v7 virtual machines) VMware solutioin at present is to TURN OFF/Disable CBT. Hi @hanccocka you need to have always hw v7 to use CBT, VMs with hw v4 will not work with CBT.

I have a couple of VMs with this and I cannot use this.

~coolsport00 Do you get VSS errors or Frozen I/O errors, are you using Change Block Tracking features in Veeam to Backup?

(ie to reduce size to backup, track block size change to speed up backups! ) - CBT is Change Block Tracking, to track changes in the blocks in the VMDK, for faster backup.

All other VM's seem to be backin fine on the same host... Timeout in Vix Host_Connect Freezing guest operating system Veeam Guest Agent is not started Thanks in advance. She'll teach 12 steps that you can use to optimize your queries as much as possible and see measurable results in your work. Environment: Veeam Virtual machine on a Server connected to a SAS SAN Exchange Virtual Machine resides on another server local storage no connected to the SAN Veeam backs up another virtual machine on the same server as the Exchange Virtual machine successfully. Hi Both VMsbackup, the failed and the success, resides on the same Datastore? Where you have more than one VM, and some you can backup, and that VM Exchange you cannot? Jail Correct, both failed and success are on the same Datastore. Domain admin, V5.0.1.198 Hi Yes I have many Veeam backup Exchange VM without any issues.

Starting guest agent Cannot connect to host [] over VIX library. Hi First why uninstalling VMware Tools from a Exchange server? Are the failed and the success backup VMs on the same Veeam Backup job? What type of admin are you using to do this backups? Correct, I can backup the sharepoint VM but not the exchange on the same ESXi box / Local Storage I've tried adding the exchange to the successfull sharepoint job, when I do that it fails. Note the htlml logs, but there is one folder with all the logs.

They can typically see what's going on pretty quickly.) CBT seems to be causing us lots of issues at present, which is seen by Snapshot issues called by Third Pary Backup APIs. But when a Snapshot is called via API or Manual stun cycle, issues can occur.The vendors cannot do anything as it's a VMware fault. me know what you think, and I'll explain more if I can. If you are having Snapshot, VSS issues, with timeouts and Frozen I/O, carry on reading or post a question.Mingle2 is a 100, free online dating website run by a couple of guys from San, Francisco.We create content like this to get the word out about our website.I never used any backup a VM whiout VMware Tools installed(I don't have any VM without VMware Tools installed), but even this work, this will have a very slow performance. If still this not work, try to open a question here and Veeam Support will answer. f=2 Jail Hi Can you please explain your environment? Info [Point] Create, id '6d7ab3b1-24c0-4761-9710-824d9ba2bc09', link_id '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000', num '1', creation_time '1/13/2011 PM', type 'Basic', alg 'Full', group_id '4aee3766-e141-4cac-bbc4-a4fc7b85f6fd', backup_id 'fe4c3874-6347-47ee-8081-8e6f69704e13' Info [Storage] Creating storage, id 'dc0f0d62-d353-462b-bbce-16f0a803cc5c', host Id '6745a759-2205-4cd2-b172-8ec8f7e60ef8', file Path '\\Veeam\Veeam VMBackup\ESX-\Exchange RD1202011-01-13T211210.vbk' Info [Storage] Checking storage 'My Computer:\\Veeam\Veeam VMBackup\ESX-\Exchange RD1202011-01-13T211210.vbk:dc0f0d62-d353-462b-bbce-16f0a803cc5c'.

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