Error validating users agent


~coolsport00 Do you get VSS errors or Frozen I/O errors, are you using Change Block Tracking features in Veeam to Backup?(ie to reduce size to backup, track block size change to speed up backups! ) - CBT is Change Block Tracking, to track changes in the blocks in the VMDK, for faster backup.----------------------------- After this I have change the backup, deselected the "Enable VMware Tools quiescence" and also "Enable Veeam VSS Integration", and the Backup finished with success.

I assume Veeam uses VSS to snapshot and quiesce disk.? VSS is an Windows technology, so Tools isn't required for that to run (or not run). I've been researching the error and have come up empty.

(not only applies to v7 virtual machines) VMware solutioin at present is to TURN OFF/Disable CBT. Hi @hanccocka you need to have always hw v7 to use CBT, VMs with hw v4 will not work with CBT.

I have a couple of VMs with this and I cannot use this.

Hi windows 2008 Server NB Netbackup Master Server Windows 2012 Server R2 Hyper V Clients NB Host name entry on Master server of all 3 vms include in Hyper V Already added Now when making policy and adding in Client list it is giving this error error Validating Hyper v Machine name Server failed to list VM's (-1) So how will i resolve this error?

Do i have to install nb7.5.0.6 Special Client agent on Hyper V ?

Before running the setup, read the ‘about the software’ and guide for how to use this software.

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