Excel 2016 rtd not updating


Yes it costs a lot for hardware, but have you checked the price of tooling? Wish I could have used a Linux PC to write the code. If you want me to buy it, it has to work and be reasonable. Here I am, studying Ladder logic, PLC's etc at college & checking out the Linux state of play re PLC programming... If there are any technical advantages, I would be at a loss to identify them.

100 dollars worth of metal can cost 1500 after being machined on a CNC. The AB software was 1500 USD and the cable was 150 USD and the PLCs were 1250 USD ea!!! Then the customer says it has to be AB hardware and software at their plant!! I notice that the academics seem to think that there's a certain virtue in maintaining a dual-boot system, Unix to write modify applications and monitor user data, verifying on the watchdog principle; and windows to run the application with advanced GUI features.(see article about the Advanced Photon Source, Arbonne University Illinois)Allen Bradley also state in one of their user guides - a pdf file i scan-read whilst trying to see if there was a 'free' version of RS500 to play, that the Windows environment confers particular advantages in this kind of (industrial) applicaion.... It's pretty amusing that RA would be talking about advanced GUI features.

) Today you could retrofit a junky old PC based dinosour with a sercos card, a kinetix drive, and a few lines of ladder. I even reordered all new cabinets and relays and din rails andpower supplies and kept all the old stuff! If it was ever true I bet AB squashed it like a bug. To all you devoted Allen Bradley people and to everyone else who uses PLCs, why do you pay for their programming software?For AB to charge 00 - 00 for programming software, then on top of that, some people have told me that they charge a yearly upgrade/license fee blows my mind at how many people pay these fees. My company would never use PLCs, but for marketing reasons we have to. " The idea of switching hardware is appealing and the company wants to do it and has the money for it. Because they can't afford the software cost in addition to the hardward costs.Regards,cww I've been using Rockwell software since before it was RS.I will grant that their history of buggy and crashing software is legendary.Look at PLC 5 1771 I/O, It's still available and has been since the 80s.

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