External excel links not updating indianapolis dating ideas

This setting does not automatically fix broken links -- it only updates links with an "OK" status.

If you need to manually update the data in linked cells again while the book is open, press "Refresh All" on the Data tab.

I have never got it to work with a SW design table that has external links to an Excel file. Until recently, if the Excel file was open in Excel, a SW macro that simply opened and closed the design table would automatically update all links in the design table to the open Excel file. It could be caused by an Excel setting or MS update but I haven't changed anything.

Again, is there a way to have a SW macro that clicks "Update Values" then exits the design table? Feel free to contact me in case of any queries or help required.

Opens a part or assemblyfrom Configuration Manager – Design Table – Edit Tablefrom Excel - Data – Edit Links – Update Values – Close Exit Design Table Repeat with different part or assembly Or, is there a better way to update external references in design tables that are linked to an excel file? SW2017 SP2, Win 10, MS Office 2016 Startup Prompt - Don't display the alert and update links...

This works great between an Excel file with links to another Excel file. Something has changed where I now have to manually click this box to get updated data.

As always, anyone is welcome to comment on what as worked best for them.

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