Extreme dating imdb


Her name is Cerita ( Maria Conchita Alonso ) and both men have loved her for a long time.The issue here is, does Cerita have enough love to stay with Jack and his average life or does she want to sacrifice love and go for wealth and power with Cash?

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However, I was quite looking forward to watching this film, but now wish I hadn't bothered.

See full summary » When they were kids Texas Ranger Jack Benteen used to be best friends with drug kingpin Cash Bailey.

At present, however, the only element linking them together is Jack's girlfriend Sarita, who used to be with Cash.

Aliens is a great film but that has to be more attributed to Cameron because he directed it. And what we have here is typical Walter Hill brilliance.

It is testosterone laden, a little sexist and filled with colourful characters.

See full summary » Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, but soon learn a demon also resides there.

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