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He went on pilgrimage to Rome with some of the monks, visiting St. Supposedly, on another visit to Rome the Pope wanted to consecrate him a bishop but was deterred by a vision, notifying the pope ... Thomas to the court of King Abgar the Black, the second century Osroene ruler.

Legendary accounts claim Abgar wrote to Christ asking Jesus to cure him of an intolerable and incurable illness.

One of these was Addai, who became Addal's successor.

Addal is also supposed to have sent another disciple, Man, to various sites along the ...

San Salvador, El Salvador (CNA/EWTN News) - And this monsignor has ...

Vincent Madelgarius, she became the mother of saints ... According to tradition, Abigail's family was always feuding.

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The game presents five possible playable characters, but the first one is unable to be selected.

Spencer and Fridge end up selecting two of the remaining characters, and the girls are also persuaded to choose their own characters.

They soon realize that they each have three lives, and Spencer speculates that if they lose all three, they die for real.

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