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James - Goat River Folk Art (Vanderhoof) - Groop Gallery (Prince George) - Island Mountain Arts (Wells) - Lakes Artisan Centre (Burns Lake) - Mackenzie Community Arts Council/Centre - PROCESS 4 circle arts (Burns Lake) - Quesnel Art Gallery - Two Rivers Gallery (Prince George) - Causes of Color: color theory - for Interior Design & Decoration - Color Matters - Color Theory: Facts and Thoughts in Color - Theory: for watercolors - Theory Overview: tutorial by Worqx - Dimensions of Colour - General Colour Sites: from David Briggs - An Introduction to Color Theory (Itten) - Wheel Ebook_Itten, Johannes - and Architecture Thesaurus Online - History ( - Art History Index (World Wide Arts Resources) - UK: formerly Your Paintings by the BBC - Art:21: gateway to 21st century art and artists (PBS) - Artchive: archive of artists and art history - Artcyclopedia: index of online museums and image archives - Artnet: the art world online, including galleries, auctions - Arts & Crafts Movement: 1880-1920 in Europe and America -

request=exhibit;id=7015 Arts Journal: daily digest of arts and cultural journalism - Emily Carr University of Art Design – International Dada archive - Lost Treasures from Iraq: objects lost from museums and libraries in 2003 war - of Bad Art - Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) - Art Gallery - Portrait Artist: lessons in sketching, drawing portraits - Wendy's American Collection - of Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art) - Timelines of Art History: The World: organized by civilization and period - Years of Italian Sculpture: by sculptor, in Italian - Vancouver Art Gallery: Emily Carr - Carr/ Vincent Van Gogh Gallery: complete works - Watercolor look, read, learn to paint - Gallery of Art: European paintings and sculpture, 1150-1800 - World Wide Arts Resources: online gallery and sales - Art UK: formerly Your Paintings by the BBC - Bartender magazine - Bartending: demos, competitions, thousands of mixed drink recipes - Web Tender: drink recipes, bartender’s handbook, and forum - Hotel and Lodging Association Educational Institute - https:// Prime Wines: wine selection and purchase - Budweiser Canada - Brewing Co.

lang=eng&cid=1 Canadian Occupations - Work Info Net - Canada Labour Market Information - Jobs, Workers, Training, Career Exploration: Canada - What's Key in Labour Market Information for BC - Work Destinations: guide to work and relocation for regulated professions, trades in Canada - the Tests: IQ, EQ, Career, Health, etc.

- Centre for Education Information: career & labour market info - Access - Career Consortium: with Career Directions occupational profiles - Canadian Careers: career resources - Career Directions (Canada Career Consortium) - Edge: national youth internship program - in Construction - Careers in Trades (HRDC) Canadian Apprenticeship Forum - of Occupational Titles Index - Canada - Environmental Careers Organization- Job-Hunt: jobs, career profiles, videos (U.

Tip for searching this page: Click on a topic on the pull-down menu, or use "Edit-Find" to search by keyword e.g. The discipline of anthropology consists of four subfields: Socio-cultural anthropology; biological or physical anthropology; archaeology; and linguistics -- anything that covers all of these is annotated 'full field'; otherwise, the annotation is broken down into one of the four subfields.

of Justice - Crime Solutions: research into what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, victim services(US Dept of Justice) - Resources (York University) - History: famous cases - Security Report Project at SFU: international studies on political violence, war - Interactive Investigator-Forensic Science: play a game, solve a crime – Law Enforcement Technology - Campus Chronicle of Higher Education: with academic job postings - Clipart: 22,000 images, photos, clipart - College Source (Career Guidance Foundation): great reference for college/university calendars - Colleges Directory - Project: view and share educational material - Cyber College: online courses - DASH: Harvard University Scholarly Repository - Educause "7 Things You Should Know About" Series: new teaching technologies - Global Educators Network - Grad international grad school directory – Just Colleges: web directory of colleges (US, UK, India, Canada, Australia) - Online Masters Degrees Programs: accredited masters/doctoral programs - Learning Media: documents, videos, games, for K-12, you select subject and grade level - Peterson's Education Center: university and college catalogues - Project on the Future of Higher Education (US) - org Study Abroad - TED: riveting talks by remarkable people - US Dept.of Education - UWire: connecting college media with each other and the world - BC Courses (for CNC courses check "Institutions" page) - BC Campus (ABE, ABT, Associate, Bachelors, Library Tech) - Bob Rankin's Guide to Free Online College Courses (US, Canada) - Virtual University - Cool School: BC K-12 distance learning, free course materials, learning objects - Wide Learning (US based) - instructors BC Instructor Diploma Program (VCC) - Technology online journal - CARET Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology - org College Open Textbooks - Connexions: share learning materials - Creative Commons Search - Culturally Diverse Learners video series (Thompson Rivers U) - - BC School Districts: Map (BC Stats) - ca/schools/BC Student Student Awards & Financial Assistance: Student Awards & Financial Assistance, loan status (BC Ministry of Advanced Ed) - School: BC K-12 distance learning, free course materials, learning objects - CUFA/BC Post-Secondary Education Information Service: Faculty Associations - School District 57 - Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) - - Jobs Blogs: Student - Blogs: Supporting Student Success - Blogs: Wepps' Blog on Higher Ed - Canadian Academia: news, email alerts - Canadian Association of College and University Student Services - https:// Federation of Students - Federation of Students - BC - Canadian Federation of Students - CNC - Virtual University - Can Learn Interactive (HRDC): supporting Canadians in pursuit of learning and career goals - College Student Alliance (Ontario post-secondary) - The Debt Free Grad: student online source for financial advice - Canada Network: job postings for teachers, school, college, university - of Learning Technologies (HRDC) - Pearson Education Canada Web site - Scholarships Canada - Fees: by year, province etc.(Statistics Canada) - Canadian university and college info-site - Ranking of World Universities: the top 500 - Educational Resource Information Center (ERIC) - Educator's Reference Desk (Syracuse) - Campus Health and Safety - Campus Tours: virtual college tours (US) - - Periodic Table of Videos: video clips of each element - Spark Notes chemistry study guides (Harvard) - Spectra Online: IR, MS, NMR, UV/VIS, NIR spectra - Theoretical Chemistry: a self-guided introduction for college students - Page/Web Elements: the periodic table on the web - Tech Lib (formerly Ed IT Library) - https:// Anti-Virus Site - Bob Rankin: free tech support questions and answers - CGI Resource Index: 2000 links to CGI programs & tutorials - Dell Computer Online - Dotto Tech: Steve Dotto's award winning TV show about technology - Every File Format in the World: list - File Hot New Fonts: free fonts (formerly Font Face) - Freeware Home: free software for business, education, games, etc.- Home PC Firewall Guide: security for home computers - IEEE Computer Society Magazines - https:// Just Linux - Mac User/Mac World - Mac In Touch: for the latest Mac gossip - Mc Afee's Anti-Virus Information: software viruses - Microsoft Canada (Mississauga, Ont.) - Programmers Heaven: programming languages, development tools, downloads - Secure List: virus threats, analysis, security issues - “news for nerds” - Spark Notes: computer science study guides (Harvard) - Tech Dictionary: computer terms and technology words defined - Computer and Internet encyclopedia ( - Whatis?

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