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Rhyme Strategies for Reducing Wordiness (Literacy Education Online) - Literacy Network: free online literacy courses - Time To Read: Time-Warner’s volunteer literacy program - Visual Thesaurus: an exploration of sense relationships within the English language - World Wide Words - see also ESL; Writing Canadian Federation of Poets - Canadian Poetry: poet profiles, poetry samples, events – Canadian Poetry Association - Canadian Writers (National Library/Archives) - Writers (Athabaska University profiles) - Dooney's Cafe (Toronto): book reviews, social commentary - of BC Writers - League of Canadian Poets - PEN Canada: for freedom of expression - Writers Guild of Canada: screenwriting - Writers in Electronic Residence (WIER): Canadian writers helping students write, read, understand - Writers' Union of Canada: - see also Ebsco Literary Bundle (CNC users only) Absolute Shakespeare: trivia, study guides, glossary, text of works - Catalogue of Electronic Texts - Bartleby Verse: American & English anthologies 1250-1920 - Beat Museum - Bibliomania: 2000 online literary classics, reviews, study guides - Books: writing, poetry and books - Book Television: celebrating writers - Books-On-Line: 50,800 books available for free downloading - Bookyards: over 15,800 e-books, incl.classics - British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832 - Burns Encyclopedia: official Robert Burns Site - Cambridge History of English and American Literature: online searchable version of all 18 volumes - Creative Nonfiction - Daily Lit: classic books, get installments by email - Electronic Poetry Center - English Server: over 30,000 humanities texts - From Verne to Vonnegut: a century of science fiction - Google Books: searchable archive of books, "snippets of text" - I Know Poe: Edgar Allen Poe - Internet Archive Million Books Project - Library of Congress Poetry Resources: poetry archive of recorded poetry - Encyclopedia: author biographies, text profiles, timelines, glossary of literary terms - Online Books: author/title/subject index to 30,000 online books - Online Corpus of Old English Poetry - Text Archive: 322,000 books - Outstanding Books for the College Bound and Lifelong Learners - org/yalsa/booklists/obcb Playbill: news from the world of theater - Poetry Archive: recorded poetry - Magazine - Portal: hosted by Colin Holcombe - Academy of American Poets - Studies: intro to literature, theory (Emory U English Dept.) - Project Gutenberg: 32,000 electronic books - Rare Book Room: facsimiles of great classics of literature, science etc.Tip for searching this page: Click on a topic on the pull-down menu, or use "Edit-Find" to search by keyword e.g. The discipline of anthropology consists of four subfields: Socio-cultural anthropology; biological or physical anthropology; archaeology; and linguistics -- anything that covers all of these is annotated 'full field'; otherwise, the annotation is broken down into one of the four subfields.Arts Wells Festival - Community Arts Council of Fort St.James - Goat River Folk Art (Vanderhoof) - Groop Gallery (Prince George) - Island Mountain Arts (Wells) - Lakes Artisan Centre (Burns Lake) - Mackenzie Community Arts Council/Centre - PROCESS 4 circle arts (Burns Lake) - Quesnel Art Gallery - Two Rivers Gallery (Prince George) - Causes of Color: color theory - for Interior Design & Decoration - Color Matters - Color Theory: Facts and Thoughts in Color - Theory: for watercolors - Theory Overview: tutorial by Worqx - Dimensions of Colour - General Colour Sites: from David Briggs - An Introduction to Color Theory (Itten) - Wheel Ebook_Itten, Johannes - and Architecture Thesaurus Online - History ( - Art History Index (World Wide Arts Resources) - UK: formerly Your Paintings by the BBC - Art:21: gateway to 21st century art and artists (PBS) - Artchive: archive of artists and art history - Artcyclopedia: index of online museums and image archives - Artnet: the art world online, including galleries, auctions - Arts & Crafts Movement: 1880-1920 in Europe and America -

: the IT-specific encyclopedia - Canadian Internet Registration Authority - Internet Archive: use the "Way Back Machine" to view web pages of yesteryear - Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) - Telephony Magazine: Vo IP products, companies, organizations - Link Popularity - Tiny Url: create smaller addresses - Weebly: easy to use drag-and-drop option for creating a free website or blog - Wiki Etiquette (PBWiki) - Etiquette for Students Evaluating Websites - Questions to Ask (CNC Library Information Sheet) Evaluating Health Information (Medline Plus) - Internet Health Information: a tutorial from National Library of Medicine - Code of Conduct for medical and health websites (Health on the Net) - ch/HONcode/Quackwatch: health fraud, quackery, intelligent decision making - The CRAAP Test: evaluating sites -

view=d Trade Data Online: searchable database (Industry Canada) - TSNN: trade show industry news - World Bank Group (WBG) - World Trade Organization (WTO) - Conference Board of Canada - Excellence Canada (formerly National Quality Inst.) - https:// Quick MBA: tutorials for the busy manager - Associations International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) - International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) - Western Canada Division - Canada/home/ Tutorials Sense-lang: free typing tests, games, tutorials - Typing test your typing skills (1-3 min., various topics) - Free Typing single paragraph - Free Typing different texts, different lengths - keyboarding game, random characters - Act Den Digital Education Network software tutorials (Microsoft Office, Power Point, Front Page, Internet Explorer) - Microsoft Office Courses - Microsoft Office interactive guides: 2003-to-2007 conversion tool - Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms: free online word processor, spreadsheets, slides, or forms - https:// Open Office: free open source word, spreadsheet, presentation program - Canadian Patents Database - Trademarks - search full text of 7 million patents, 60 countries - https://org/lens/ US Patent Full Text Database: from 1976 on - Patent search: enter search words, click 'patents' box (Scirus) - silly: odd and interesting patents, posted by stand-up comedian Daniel Write - BC Small Business Accelerator: free info, A-Z guides by business - e-Business Website Blog: BC based e-business commentary, news, insider tips for small business on a budget - CNC Library Statistics Page - Sourcing: Statistics Canada data for small business and entrepreneurship (some pay for use) - Canada 411 - Google Local Canada Yellow Pages Search - Yellow Pages (BC) - Yellow Pages (US) - Bank (HRDC) - CNC Employment Opportunities CNC Student Employment job board - Jobs at UNBC - Indeed job search: Prince George, or expand to BC/Canada - Prince George Citizen - Free Press: choose Classifieds-Employment - George Job Shop: local job postings (in development) - Globe & Mail's Workopolis: “Canada’s biggest job site” – Career Click: search 8 newspapers (nation-wide) - Canada job searches - Aboriginal - Aboriginal Job and Career Centre - - ACCC Jobs: Association of Canadian Community Colleges - Education - BC Post-Secondary Job Links (BCPSEA): choose Employment - Education - Education Canada Network: job postings for teachers, school, college, university - - Canadian Environmental Jobs - Environment - ECO Canada (Environmental Careers Organization) - Environment - Good Work Canada (green jobs) - Environment - Job Trekker, outdoor recreation jobs - - BC Government Job Opportunities - - Canadian Government Job Postings (Public Service Commission) - Government - Civic Info BC: local government - - Northern Health Authority Careers - Health - Health Match BC: employment recruiting - Hospitality - Cool Jobs: Canadian tourism and hospitality jobs - - BC Hydro job postings - Library - Library Workers Fact Sheet 2010 - Math - Mathematics Careers (Mathematical Assoc.

of America) - Mining - Mining jobs, Bulkley-Nechako - Mining - Northern Miner job postings and careers - Nonprofits - Work in Non Profits: jobs in nonprofit organizations - Social Services - SWAT Social Workers Action Team Canada jobs - - T-Net: technology jobs in BC - - Go2 Jobs in Tourism - Board/tabid/160/PStatus/3/Pages/10/Current Page/3/Scroll Top/497/Find/True/Default.aspx#result Salary Expert: salary information for job seekers (US/Canadian) - Note: Salary information for different careers is also available in places like Work Futures (BC) and Working in Canada All Canadian Jobs: job postings - Can Jobs: Canadian job searches - Jet: employment search engine for Canada - The search engine for new jobs in Canada: job bank and career sites directory - (Canadian job postings) - Postings: Canada's student job network - Canadian job postings - Neuvoo: Canadian job searches - Plus Jobs Canada: job postings - Jobs (Canada) - Work BC - Work Futures (BC) - BC Industry Training Authority: trades, apprenticeships- in Canada (updated from Job Futures) -

id=5061 Design Principles for Online Instruction - Digital Campus: podcasts, info on digital media and tv - e Learning BC - Encyclopedia of Educational Technology - Flat World Knowledge: customizable textbooks - Glogster EDU: secure site for students to create and store their work - Google "Infinite Thinking Machine" tips on using technology in the classroom - Jorum: learning to share, free course materials - Khan Academy: 3,000 educational videos, high school/college - MIT Open Course Ware: course materials, lecture notes (see sample: Biology) - edu Moodle open source courseware - OER Open Educational Resources Consortium: textbooks - Open Courseware Consortium: free courses, 200 institutions - Open Educational Resources: free to use learning content - Open Learn: free Open University course materials - Privacy Guide for faculty using 3rd party web technology (social media) in public post-secondary courses (Vancouver Island University) - Tech Know Logia: international journal of technologies in education - Think Quest: online learning projects K-12 - Centre for Student Success Assignment calculator: time needed, steps involved in writing term papers - Tutor Dude: Prince George tutoring and editing services for students - Educational Icebreakers - Motivating Students’ Best Work - intelligences and instructional technology - Power Point in the classroom - Problem based learning - edu/pbl/ Teaching tips – Dev Com/guidebk/teachtip/All the Tests: IQ, EQ, Career, Health, etc.

- to write tests - SAT College Admission Test (US, revised 2005) - SAT Prep Plan: preparing for Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Tests - on Water: an online journal of northern BC authors and artists - Highlights of Our Lives: PG Writing Circle - Young and Old Share Experiences: PG Writing Circle - Adult Literacy Database - International Literacy Explorer - International Reading Association - Literacy Link: with "Lit Linker Forum" - Double-tongued Word Wrester: slang, jargon, words entering and leaving the language - Etymologic Word Game - "jumbo shrimp" means "large small" - Rhyme Zone: find rhymes/synomyms for words/phrases -

Research tip for students: Before looking for information on the Internet, make sure you have checked for published works on your topic first.

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