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You can use the index below to jump to a particular subject.Manual Sex ♦ Oral Sex ♦ Sex During Menstruation Anal “Intercourse” ♦ Anal stimulation ♦ Sex Toys ♦ Phone Sex ♦ “Dirty Words” ♦ Sexually explicit material Masturbation ♦ Public nudity ♦ Public Sex Role Playing and Fantasy ♦ Private photos, videos and sexting Manual sex is using the hands to sexually stimulate your spouse’s genitals.The stories told are legend here — Glad Its Over’s dancing Sasquatch, the cheater who jumped around in a sleeping bag, the squirrel assassin, PF’s pillow muncher…(Read the archives for the insanity particulars.) This is how the game is played — you tell Chump Nation the freaky, WTF particulars.In the past, the winners got their submissions cartooned in the new year.This year, the winner gets a copy of my new audio book! but I have a full-time job now outside of CL and my Mac desktop is 13 years old and groans at me like a surly teenager.) Okay, maybe a cartoon or two too…We can see no reason not to use our hands to arouse each other before intercourse or to have an orgasm before, after, or instead of intercourse.

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Where scripture is silent, we must look at Biblical principles to build outlines for what is, and is not, good for our marriage bed.There is a fence around the playground – a fence that separates a couple from sex acts that are dangerous, sinful, or otherwise unacceptable.Inside the fence are a great number of pieces of playground equipment (sex acts) that a couple may enjoy if they so desire.If she is uncomfortable with heights, that very tall slide is a bad idea.If they both enjoy him pushing her in the swing, but neither is big on her pushing him, that’s just fine.While some people think of manual sex as a “juvenile” act of limited pleasure, it’s possible to become very skilled at giving a great deal of pleasure with your hands.

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