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We're not sure where these pictures are taken from but the women in the pictures have not created memberships on the dating site.You can take a look at the screenshot below that we provided circled in red.

Don't fall for their lies because any time a website is asking for your credit card information you can rest assured that your card will be billed.Domination, fetish, fantasy and any other sexual request you might have can be catered for.We have all sex chat topics including taboo subjects and unusual fantasy / fetish 1.53 per minute plus network extras; callers must be 18 & have the bill payers permission, all live services recorded. Service Provided by Digital Select Ltd, 271 Regent Street, London, W1B 2ES. They claim the site is free but they ask for your credit card information, read the rest of the review for a full explanation of what's really going on behind the scenes that they're not telling us. We registered on the site as free members so we could conduct a thorough and detailed investigation into the site's conduct. Part of our investigation requires us to read the terms and conditions, we also do due diligence by searching through the members area, reading through various parts of the site to see what kind of evidence we can come up with of any wrongdoing. These questions will be answered in our investigation.They go on to state that the profiles that they create are called "Patrons" and they stayed a "Patron" could be a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian which is a computer-generated person signifying these are not real people.

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