Free nudist hookup


I was surprised to see some really, really beautiful people, lounging around a pool, totally naked - college co-ed types playing volley ball.“This is not a family place,” Sarah said.“It’s a private club and not everything is totally naked.When she first prosed the idea, I was like, “No Way!” In my mind, I pictured a bunch of fat old men and women lounging around, totally naked, playing cards, or shuffleboard.I wasn’t judgmental, because her lifestyle was simply her choice and besides, I had Jeff. She had a great fashion sense and she was fun to be around.A few weeks back, Sarah invited me to go with her to a nudist resort.

I was not ready to bare it all, at least not at that point.

I had seen male body parts before, but almost always they were in some state of arousal.

There were no arousals in sight, although I suspected there were a few hangings that might be ready to head that way. Almost everyone was college-aged and it was a collection of beautiful people.

She said everyone that everyone was totally cool and surprisingly, very young.

I still wasn’t convinced until she flipped through some photos on her cell phone.

I’m not sure why I had that mental image, but I did.

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