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Source: This type of counseling involves calling a pre-determined number for an unscheduled and free counseling chat over the phone at any time of day or night.

Numbers vary depending on where you live as well as what specific type of service you are looking for, but can often be found via a quick Google search.

Additionally, therapists tend to take a more behavioral approach to problems than do counselors.

Because of this, counselors tend to be a bit less intimidating for people who are apprehensive about getting help in the first place, seeing as they can feel a bit more relatable - like simply talking with a new friend.

Even still, while some of these groups are widely and well known (such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Sex Love Addicts Anonymous, Grief Share, etc) and are easy to find via a simple internet search for the next location and time, there are many additional support groups, likely all within your own town that are more discrete and can be a bit more difficult to find.

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Furthermore, many schools, universities and recreation centers have numbers for these lines posted on bulletin boards.

You are all probably familiar enough with the group AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) to have at least heard of it.

What you might be less familiar with however, is this group in and of itself is a type of free counseling, and in fact reaches for further than simply acting as a help source to those who have a problem with addiction to alcohol.

In fact, while many counselors do indeed have license as well as educational backgrounds in the subject of Psychology, counselors can also be people such as clergy, life coaches, spiritual advisors, etc.

Therapists on the other hand are always licensed and hold a degree in the subject they advise on.

The main issue here however, is counseling - as helpful as it can be - also tends to be pretty expensive.

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