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He wanted to meet and have dinner because he was going to be in the city.

They didn't know who I was talking about, but, there HAD been about a hundred people or so there, so, it wasn't surprising that they might not remember everyone.

When I asked what the h--- he meant, he replied that in India, the women do all the cleaning, so I'd better get started.

I did a summer internship at a museum years ago when I was in college.

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She laughed and said, "Oh, silly, I live close to this place, but I work pretty far away."Meantime, the couple laughed with her, and didn't make a move to leave.He tore out of the parking lot and almost hit a parked car.So I called the police and reported his car as a drunk driver.I finally told him I really wasn't feeling well and had to leave.Instead he drove me to a different bar and insisted I sit down and "drink the taste out of my mouth".I notice that most of the stories on this site are from the woman's perspective, but, I too have a date from hell story.

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