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For those who are interested we make public an official response on this issue given by the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine to an inquiry made by the lawyers of the law firm "Euroconsulting" . Thus, according to Ukrainian authorities only heterosexual couples who are married officially can implement their surrogacy programs in Ukraine.

Cohabiting couples of different sexes who are not married, civil partnerships, single women, single men and homosexual couples CAN NOT implement a surrogacy program in a legal way in Ukraine.

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Kiev, 22nd of April, 2011 Why do foreigners have difficulties with carrying their surrogate children out of Ukraine?

Commentaries and advice of the lawyers of the Ukraine Foundation of the companies providing organizational and legal support of ART programs regarding the recent "surrogate scandals" We get a lot of inquiries concerning a possibility of the implementation of a surrogacy program in Ukraine for single people and people who are not married officially.

While the church's goons were mopping up Tbilisi of its homosexual riffraff and helping homophobes attack people suspected of being gay, church leaders called on people to convene at The Holy Trinity Cathedral, which was built with Ivanishvili's money.

There, Bishop Jakob basked in the glorious victory of the day.

Church leaders then mobilized young men to assault homosexuals, much in the same way Nazis orchestrated mobs to attack Jews.

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